Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays are here! We are 25 days away from Christmas! We still have this feeling that Christmas is far away and when doing our Holiday shopping we are still in this place of “getting it done early.” Now is the time to buy your Christmas gifts before it is too late. We have created a little guide for you to help you make this Christmas the best yet.

Holiday Gift Guide for Her

  1. Storewall: Storewall is perfect for creating a beautiful, organized garage, office, home gym, and more! Offered in many colors and there are many accessories to choose from. This product is an easy DIY install, making it the perfect way to spruce up the home for the lady in your life! Shop here!
  2. Perfection Floor Tile: Perfection Floor Tile is an easy way to make any space look and feel amazing! Perfection Floor Tile is sound absorbent, soft on your feet, and it’s easy to install yourself. The Coin tiles in Black, Dark Grey, and Light Grey are 10% off for all of December. Use code: Coin10 at checkout! Shop here!
  3. Comfort Craft: Anti-fatigue mats are perfect for areas where someone may stand for long periods of time. The kitchen, the office, a craft room, the garage, and more are perfect places to use these mats. Offered in luxurious patterns and in industrial patterns. Shop here!
  4. Timbercore: Timbercore is an amazing new product. It is an interlocking wood floor, waterproof, affordable and made to last. Turn a space into something beautiful this Christmas with Timbercore! Shop here!
  5. Perfection Floor Tile Natural Stone: Perfection Floor Tile Natural Stone tiles are our best selling product. They have hidden interlocking seams and have the appearance of real stone tiles. They are a soft PVC, easy on the feet and joints. Made in USA, free shipping, and free samples available. Shop here!

Holiday Gift Guide for Him

  1. Harley Davidson Garage Flooring Kits by RaceDeck: This product is by far, our most popular product of the season. These kits make it easy to give the motorcycle lover in your life a gift made to last. Available in black and orange as well as alloy, shop here!
  2. Diamond Plate Switch Covers: These diamond plate switch covers are sure to be the perfect addition to your garage, office, or mancave! This is a very affordable gift sure to bring a smile! Shop here!
  3. Gladiator Garage Works: This is the ULTIMATE gift to the person in your life who loves working on projects of any kind! Gladiator is garage storage that looks amazing and tough. Shop here!
  4. G-Floor Roll Out Flooring by BLT:  G-Floor Roll out flooring is an affordable way to transform your garage! Available in Diamond, Coin, Ribbed, and Levant Patterns. Colors available: Black, Slate Grey, and Sandstone Tan. Free Samples are available. Shop here!
  5. Diamond Plate Wall Base: Install awesome diamond plate wall base in a man cave, garage, or office for a tough, cool look! Available in Black, Blue, Red, or Aluminum. Free Samples available. Shop here!

Holiday Gift Guide for the Kids!

  1. SoftFloor ABC and 123: Perfect for the little ones in your life! Help them get a jump start on learning their ABCs and 123s at an early age. This floor is soft, so it is perfect for little ones learning to crawl and walk. This floor is easy to take with you on the go! Shop here!
  2. SoftFloor Jumbo Tiles: Perfect for the playroom, bedroom, home gym, and more. This floor allows kids to jump and play on a soft floor. Shop here!
  3. Lock-Tile: Lock-Tile is a flexible, durable, interlocking PVC Floor. This floor would be great for a playroom for any age child. Lock-tile makes many vibrant colors to allow for creativity and a look that will be unique to you! Shop here!
  4. Perfection Floor Tile: Perfection Floor Tile is made in many styles and colors. This floor is much softer than the floor you find in average homes. Perfect for a child’s bedroom, playroom, the laundry room, or anywhere you need a softer floor! Shop here!

We hope you find this guide helpful to you! We sell many more products than what we have outlined for you. If you’d like help with any ideas, with placing an order, questions, or free samples, please give us a call. 361-906-0863



4 Steps to an Organized Garage

By Haily Wilson

Most of us crave organization, but some of us don’t even know where to start. It’s a daunting task and sometimes it’s easier to close the garage, shut off the lights, and avoid looking at it. However, we all want to be able to leave our garage door open and not be afraid of someone seeing the mess. It also makes your life so much easier; With an organized garage, you can know where all your tools are! You can do that project you’ve been neglecting/have always wanted to do! You can even park your car in your garage!

That basketball that your son popped two months ago should be thrown out. It’s not going to be fixed and honestly, its taking up space. Go through everything. Sell things on craigslist that you know you’ll never use again. Throw out or recycle those items that can’t be sold. Get rid of what you don’t want. Drop off items at goodwill or salvation army.

At the same time, organize the things you do have (and want to keep) by type. Put all your tools together, put all the sports balls together, painting supplies, Christmas lights, workout equipment you haven’t used since 2003, you get the idea. Get an understanding of what you have.

Getting storage tubs is a great way to keep your things organized and you can also know where your things are.

Clean your garage and get ready for the next phase. Get rid of those spider webs and dirt.

Flooring is one of the most important decisions you can make for your garage. Many people use Epoxy, but it does not last as long as our tiles; it peels and stains. If you already have epoxy and it still looks good do anything you can to protect your epoxy from peeling and staining. One great option is to get some parking mats to keep your tires from causing damage to the floor.

Decide what flooring option is best for you. Flexi-Tile is an easy Do-It-Yourself interlocking PVC Tile that is stain resistant, affordable, and has a 25 year manufacturer warranty. This flooring will transform the way your garage looks in a short amount of time. Below is a customer’s photo of their garage after installing Flexi-Tile in Coin pattern.

Once you’ve decided on your flooring, choose storage systems. We offer Hercke Stainless Steel CabinetsHandiwall Slatwall systemsmonkey bar storageoverhead storage, and more. Some people choose to do many of these options, while some stick to one option.

Herke Cabinets are easy to customize according to your vision for your garage. Just call us and explain what you’re looking for and we can send you a design!! These cabinets can be mounted on the wall, or you can have wheels on the bottom so that you can move them easily if needed.

Now, I suggest using pinterest as a tool for your inspiration. We can help you achieve your goals, but if you want to get a vision for yourself, pinterest can often help with that. If there is something you want, but you don’t see it on our website, please talk to us about it. Most likely, we can help you to figure out how to do what you’re wanting to do!

Once you know what you’re looking for, you can request samples, request a quote, or simply order from us. You can order online or over the phone.

In order to request a sample, there is a “request sample” button on the main product page. If you have trouble finding this, please give us a call and we can take your sample request over the phone. You may request more than one sample.

Also, pay attention to our sales. For example, over this month of September 2017 our sale is on Homestyle Slate. We also have a labor day sale running all month long.

We also offer large quantity discounts, please refer to the product you wish to purchase for these discounts.

Some products take a while to be shipped out. So it is important to plan accordingly. If you need the tiles within one or two weeks, please talk to us about it and we will see what we can do. However, you generally need to have a larger time window to allow your order to be made and shipped to you.

The best thing about ordering our products is free shipping.

Installing our products couldn’t be easier. You won’t have to hire anyone to do this for you. This is something you can do on your own, or a family member or friend could do for you if needed.

You won’t need any kind of adhesives for our flooring products. Simply loose lay.

Watch this video below to see how easy it is to install Flexi-Tile. This was done here at our office.

Installing all of our products is super easy. Your garage can look Pinterest worthy for a low price and little work to do it.