Say no to Epoxy Paints and Yes to an easier long last solution.

Epoxy painted floors are popular for covering concrete in the garage, warehouse flooring, military floors and other applications.  If you have a new concrete floor, then epoxy may work for you.  However if your concrete has stains or is in disrepair then putting down epoxy is very labor intensive, and expensive.  We offer some easy long term solutions for covering old cracked painted floors.

Removing old epoxy

Repairing concrete that is stained or has old paint requires several days and steps of cleaning and prepping the concrete.  To remove old paint or stains, you will acid wash the floor to loosen the epoxy and scrape away the old paint.  If stains have penetrated the concretes top layer, you will need to grind down a layer of concrete to remove the stain.  Acid wash is a  harsh chemical, and protective gear is highly recommended.  Then any cracks will need to be filled and leveled.

New concrete can have epoxy paint issues as well.  If you have concrete that has high ground moisture, then once the paint is installed, the ground moisture can rise up between the concrete and paint causing the paint to lift and peel.  High moisture concrete has a tendency to peel within 6 months to a year.  If you have a high moisture it is recommended you hire a professional to install.

We offer some alternatives to Epoxy Painted Floors, and our solutions are easy do it yourself installation.  No experts needed.  You can install an area in just a few hours and be using your garage or work space that same day.

Don’t waste days fixing and prepping your concrete!

Perfection Floor Tile Industrial 7MM

1.  Flexible Interlocking Tiles – our most popular seller is our Perfection Floor Tile line.  These tiles have the feel of rubber but are made from Virgin Polyvinyl that is carcinogen free material.  Loose lay these tiles right over old painted or cracked concrete.  No special prep, no adhesive, simply lock the tabs together with a mallet, and use your floor the same day you install it.  This product has a Lifetime Residential Warrant, and is Made in USA

Want the look of Epoxy Flake?  We have a tile that looks like flake, click here and take a look at the Natural Stone Matta Matta Tiles.

2.  Roll Out Vinyl Floor Covering by G Floor.  gfloor_Coin_garageThe manufacturer of our roll out flooring comes in large rolls, attractive colors and patterns.


G Floor Roll Out Floor Covering

G Floor vinyl roll out flooring comes in solid colors and many sizes – you can cover wall to wall, or just enough to park equipment on.  The G Floor product is easy to install, simply unroll over your existing floor and you’re done.  You can use your garage or work area the same day, no downtime.  This product has a lifetime manufacturer warranty, and is Made in USA.

Race Deck Tile

3.  Rigid Interlocking Tiles, Race Deck.  Our Race Deck brand tiles are another great product for covering concrete.  These tiles snap together, and install quick and easy.  The Race Deck Tiles have many patterns and colors, you can snap different colors together to create an attractive designed floor.  These tiles can be used in the garage, trailers, event floors, or outdoors.  No special prep for this tile, it’s UV protected, and has a 15 year manufacturer warranty, and is Made in USA.

Easy DIY Install Tiles
Ribbed_Garden _Sandstone
Ribbed Vinyl Flooring





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