G Floor Roll Out Flooring

By: Haily Wilson

During this month of September 2017, G Floor Rollout Mats are 10% off of orders over $250.00+ on all stock sizes. This sale does not include custom size mats. Use code: Labor17 upon checkout! Click here to take advantage of this deal!

Garage floor mats are a faultless solution for any customer who is trying to find an easy, manageable way to install flooring in their garage. The BLT Garage Floor mat is something we highly recommend for parking pads and wall to wall installation. There are other options for customers who are looking for mats that contain snow, dirt, or moisture.

Roll-out garage flooring and garage floor mats provide a wonderful way to protect your garage and are a great option for covering your garage floor. Our mats can be rolled out in minutes, unlike epoxy or tile flooring. These mats can be trimmed to fit your floor if needed.

G Floor isn’t only for your garage! This product has a wide array of uses. You can put this in your home, office, laundry room, warehouse, trailers, even boats!! 

While roll-out garage flooring comes in different styles and colors, and is thinner, you cannot pattern mats. However, you can create patterns with the different styles and colors of interlocking-tiles that are conveniently rigid and durable. The flexible-tiles are thicker, acoustically absorb sounds, and are also a garage flooring product that you can create patterns with. All of our garage flooring are great options, and what it comes down is the customer’s preference.

The BLT roll out flooring mats offer these advantages:

  • American made
  • Does not leave a mess behind
  • No adhesives (unless using AquaTread on a boat or in very high traffic areas you may decide to use)
  • Is not affected by contract with hot tires

BLT flooring mats come in large rolls that make it easy to install your flooring efficiently. The flooring mats can be installed in basements and trailers as well as your garage. You can use permanent BLT adhesive, but majority of these mats can be simply rolled out and do not require adhesives or chemicals. We ship for free and ship out BLT garage flooring mats in 3-5 business days. That includes all colors and patterns including Diamond, Coin, Ribbed, and Levant, but does not include specialty, printed, and checkered garage flooring. We highly recommend cleaner and finish to keep your G-Floor looking new.

Available colors in the Coin, Diamond, Levant and Ribbed Pattern are Grey, Black, and Sandstone.

If you want to easily and affordably clean up your garage, then BLT Ribbed Garage Floor mat has been the preferred garage flooring product for many customers. Simply unpack, unroll, and if needed, trim to fit. It can be used for just underneath your car, or for your whole garage. Ribs protect your garage floor by channeling debris and moisture. Like all of our BLT garage flooring products, our ribbed garage flooring mats are American made, stored flat, shipped rolled, and have a five year manufacturer’s warranty.



Aqua Tread is perfect for any boat. If you’re remodeling a boat or you just want to give your boat a little extra life, this product is perfect for you. 

G Floor roll out flooring has many different uses and purposes. Let us help you transform your garage, home, office, boat, trailer, laundry room, or any space you feel could use a better look!!

Call for help today! 361-906-0863

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